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Cats Protection supports the neutering of all cats not required for breeding in order to reduce the number of strays.

One female cat can, in five years, be responsible for some 20,000 descendants and many of these must inevitably become homeless, with a life that offers only misery, hunger and disease.

Both male and female cats can be neutered at six months or older (please be guided by your vet on the right time to do this). In the case of the male, a simple routine operation only is involved. The female requires a longer operation, which although routine, usually requires a return to the veterinary surgery after seven to ten days for the removal of stitches.

Neutering produces a much more satisfactory and enjoyable pet. A neutered male should refrain from spraying about the house and leaving an unpleasant smell; he should also be disinclined to wander or to fight. It is not correct that a female cat should be allowed, on humane grounds, to have one litter before neutering.

Cats Protection may be able to help with the cost of neutering your cat. You can qualify for support if you are the owner of the cat that is to be neutered and are one of the following:

  • A full-time student.

  • On a pension.

  • On a means-tested benefit.

  • On a low wage.

If your application is successful, you will be sent a voucher which must be given to your veterinary surgeon when your cat goes for its operation. Please note the current value of the vouchers is 20 for female cats and 15 for male cats - you will need to pay the remaining amount for the cost of the operation directly to the veterinary surgeon.